USB Type-C

The full function type-C cable is an active, electronically labeled cable that contains an ID enabled chip based on a configuration channel and a vendor defined message (VDM) in the USB power delivery 2.0 specification. In addition to the reference bus power supply, the type c equipment can also choose to support the bus power supply current of 1.5A and 3.0A (at 5V); the power supply can either notify the increased USB current through the configuration channel, or use the BMC encoded configuration and the old BFSK encoded VBUS line to support the complete power supply specification.

In standby mode, some physical lines in the type-C cable are dedicated to the direct transmission of standby data protocol between the device and the host. Four high-speed channels, two sideband pins and (for docking station, removable device, and permanent cable applications only). two non-ultra high speed data pins and one configuration pin can be used for alternate mode transmission. Use VDM configuration mode through configuration channel.